Sunday, September 11, 2016

Our pro-football Gameday Giveaways are back!

We're so excited to announce our pro-football Gameday Giveaway series is back for a fourth year! Once again, we are teaming up with Pizzitola's BBQ (for all Houston games) and Lockhart Smokehouse (for all Dallas games). For each Houston Texans game, our giveaway winner nabs a slab of pork ribs from Pizzitola's BBQ. For each Dallas game, our winner will receive a $12 gift certificate from Lockhart Smokehouse. The day of each game, I'll post that game's giveaway on the blog. All you have to do to enter is to (1) leave a comment below the post, (2) tweet/retweet us, or (3) email us. That's it. So easy to enter! As always, huge thanks to Pizzitola's and Lockhart Smokehouse, for making these giveaways possible! 

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