Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Gameday Giveaway: Baylor-Texas

This weekend's college Gameday Giveaway is Baylor at Texas (Saturday 2:30 PM Central). To be counted, your prediction must include winner, final score, & total yards (total yards is in case of a tie) and must be submitted by kickoff. This week's prize? A shirt-cap-koozie bundle from Hays Co. Bar-B-Que (San Marcos, TX)You can enter your prediction via comment below this post, via email, or via Twitter


Joe Wagner said...

UT 34 Baylor 31 850 yds offense.

Travis crawford said...

Baylor 45
UT 41
875 total offense

Aaron M said...

Baylor 34 - 27 815 Total Yards