Monday, August 8, 2011

2nd Annual Gettin' Sauced! poster & website unveiled!!!

I'm excited to unveil this year's official Gettin' Sauced! poster and our brand-new website! Please take some time to check out the site, where you will find a list of sponsors, sauce contestants, BBQ vendors, door prizes, FAQs, and much more! There is still plenty of time to enter sauces, become a BBQ vendor, donate door prizes, or find some other way to get involved. Please contact us with any questions. And check out our event pages on Facebook and Yelp. Hope to see you at Independence Brewing Co. on August 27 at 3 PM!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Another great poster, Brad. Can't wait to get mine framed. Looking forward to our Gettin' Sauced weekend in Austin.

Smokin Ronnie Halcomb said...

great job. great poster. can't wait for a great weekend!!! sr