Monday, February 11, 2013

Readers' Choice Award: Best Beef Ribs of 2012

Winner: Louie Mueller Barbecue (Taylor, TX) - 52.6% of the vote

Others receiving votes: Black's, Iron Works, JMueller, Opie's


Tex' Mexi said...

Some years ago I wrote a review in one of these comments allegorically equating the rib eating experience at Louie Mueller's to some fantastic and epic struggle to overcome one's hunger! That setting seemed to be an accurate description for the meal I had first consumed there. The hunger was my enemy and the rib was the colossal weapon I used to defeat it, and a one sided victory it was.
In the years since I wrote that article, a few things have changed at Louie Mueller's and all for the better. You see, I've gotten to know Wayne and his crew quite a bit since I first engaged in that epic hunger struggle and yes, a few faces have come and gone (Including a switch in associate pit-masters from Lance to Tony White), but I no longer look at a venture to Louie Mueller's as an battle to vanquish my hunger. Instead, I look at a trip to the BBQ homestead as a chance to visit true friends.
I've seen lines at Louie Mueller's pack every available square foot of the place and yet Wayne, Tony, Sandy and all the staff remember your face. They make you feel at home. At least they do for me. I was very physically ill when I first started going to Louie Mueller's and I came every weekend to eat those wonderful beef ribs. I used to think they were solely responsible for helping me get well, but they weren't the only thing. It was also the people and their empathy that helped me get back on my feet. The smiles, "How're you holding ups?" and "How are your folks?" were also a huge part part in my recovery. But they didn't stop when I got better. I went to college and don't quite make it as much as I used to or anywhere near as much as I'd like to, but the people at Louie Mueller's still offer kind words and firm handshakes along with some of the finest BBQ in the world; Nothing could be better than that.

Tex' Mexi said...

^ Sincerely as always,
D.J. Dominguez.