Monday, May 13, 2013

All aboard for June 8 BBQ/wine/bourbon trip!!!

Join us Saturday, June 8, for our next public Texas Q Tours trip! We're heading West to 2 Texas BBQ joints, 2 Texas wineries, & 1 Texas bourbon distillery. You eat. You drink. We drive. Tickets ($125 per seat) are all-inclusive. Here's the itinerary:

Tour/tasting at Garrison Brothers Distillery (Hye, TX)
Meal at Smokin' Rose of Texas (Fredericksburg, TX)
Tasting at Grape Creek (Fredericksburg, TX)
Tasting at ___________ (VOTERS' CHOICE - See below.) 
Meal at Opie's Barbecue (Spicewood, TX)

We've left open the 2nd winery stop, so that all of you can have a say in where we go. So, via Twitter, Facebook, comment below this post, or email, vote on 1 of the following wineries:

Becker Vineyards
Pedernales Cellars
Torre di Pietra

Again, the all-inclusive seat price is $125. Here is the PayPal button (You may also pay via cash or check. If you wish to do so, email us.):


Schnerk said...

We're so in!

Schnerk said...

Becker sounds good! Wouldn't mind hitting Cuvee wouldn't suck either :)