Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Which Texas BBQ joint is most consistent?

Consistency is a big deal for Texas BBQ joints that pit smoke. Being consistent with an electric cooker is much easier than for having a pit outside, where it rains and shines and temperature rises and falls. No doubt, you've had a great meal at a place and then a not-so-great meal. So often, how good your meal is depends on which day you visit. Thus, finding a BBQ joint that is consistently great is the key. That said, which Texas BBQ joint do you find to be the most consistent in the quality of the food it serves?


Drew Thornley said...

Twitter reply: "Midway BBQ in Katy & Central Texas BBQ in Pearland"

One Texan's Travel's said...

Stanley's in Tyler is very consistent. I prefer some stuff I've enjoyed in the hill country, but as far as consistency goes, Stanley's has it.