Monday, May 19, 2014

Calling all small-town Texas BBQ joints!

This weekend, I spent some time in Hondo, TX, a town of almost 9,000, 42 miles west of San Antonio. It's the county seat of Medina County, with 1 of those restored courthouses dotting Texas I love. A railroad track runs through town. I noticed 2 BBQ I started thinking about the tiny towns around the state I've never heard of, with 1 or more BBQ joints I've never heard of. The big cities and some small towns get lots of recognition for their BBQ joints, but I'd love to highlight the small-town BBQ that so many Texans eat. If you will send me the name of a town with the name(s) of the BBQ joint(s) & a picture of each, I will post them on the blog. I've created a tag ("Small Town") for all of the posts, so we can easily view all of them. Help me learn more about the BBQ joints that cover Texas!


Kelsey said...

West Texas Style BBQ in Silsbee

Jonathan said...

Miller's in Belton.
Davis Brother's in Waxahachie.