Sunday, November 23, 2014

QOTD: Biggest rise-or-fall BBQ joint?

If you're like I am, there are some Texas BBQ joints you like much more or much less now than when you first ate there. Sometimes, our initial impressions don't turn out to be staying ones. So, which Texas BBQ joint is the one with the biggest rise or fall in your valuation since your first visit?


Albert Nurick / said...

Corkscrew. They were good, now they're world class.

Drew Thornley said...

Reply to me via Twitter: "Risen - @StilesSwitchBBQ fallen - Franklin' "@ManUpTexasBBQ: Since your 1st visit, which #TexasBBQ joint has risen or fallen the most?""

Joe Wagner said...

Highway 29 BBQ in Bertram has continued to up their game. Their food is crazy good and the service/friendliness even better!