Friday, February 27, 2015

Thirsty Planet beer + Franklin Barbecue brisket = happy tour group

After picking up a whole brisket at Franklin Barbecue earlier that morning, the first stop of our first private Texas Q Tours trip of 2015 was Thirsty Planet, one of our frequent tour stops. Our folks enjoyed their beers while they took down the brisket. Huge shout out to Matt Alexander, who booked the tour. He picked the itinerary. He rounded up the group. And then right before the tour, he got the flu! So, he didn't even get to attend his own tour. Matt, you were missed...but not enough to save you any brisket.


Matt Alexander said...

I feel really bad for this Matt Alexander guy. He missed out on a great event, and others will try to re-create this tour for sure.

Schnerk said...

This was an amazing tour!