Thursday, February 12, 2015

Where should we tour in April?

Planning is underway for a public Texas Q Tours trip on Saturday, April 18. I have a couple of itineraries in mind, but I'm interested to know what you'd recommend. We always want to supply tours that people demand, so please let us know where you think we should go.

Speaking of tours, our next public tour is Saturday, February 28. It's an all-inclusive, 5-stop tour. We're making stops for breakfast, BBQ, rum, more BBQ, & pie! There are only a couple of seats left, so if you want to join us, do it fast!


Joe Wagner said...

Go to Houston.

Have a brewery stop at Karbach Brewery.

Go to Pizzitola's, Corkscrew in Spring, Brook's Place and maybe a stop at Burn's BBQ or Otto's. Maybe both! :)

Hot dog, that's a lot of good eating!

Paul said...

Nice post!