Monday, August 17, 2015

Texas BBQ Giveaway: $50 gift card from Iron Works BBQ (Austin, TX)!

It's been a while since we've held a Texas BBQ Giveaway, so we are very pleased to announce one today. Up for grabs: a $50 gift card from Austin's very own Iron Works BBQ! Our sincere thanks to Aaron Morris & all of the folks at Iron Works, for making this giveaway possible. 

Here are the 4 ways to enter:

Email us
Tweet us
Leave a Facebook comment
Leave a comment (with email address or Twitter handle) to this blog post

You are allowed to enter more than 1 way, so if you enter, say, all 4 ways, you get your name in the hat 4 times! All entries due next Monday (one week from today). We will contact the winner next Tuesday. In the meantime, connect with Iron Works via Facebook & Twitter!


Joe Wagner said... Hungry to win!

Best regards,


Capt. Bryan said...

I love BBQ
Sign me up

zachlyons said...

Entry numero dos! Saying "Free BBQ" is probably one of the greatest things anyone can ever say to a Texan.

TexSquid said...

'Q me, baby...

Jerky Jesse said...

I want to try to win.

Justin said...

I'd love to win this yummy prize!!

Scott said...

For a shot to win!


Unknown said...

I would love to win!!

my twitter name