Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008: Ruby's BBQ (Austin, Texas)

For the fourth Monday night in a row, Man Up gathered for dinner at an Austin BBQ joint. Destination: Ruby’s BBQ. We set a record for party size (9) and first timers (4).

The food was average, at best (view the menu), but the atmosphere was nice, the outdoor-seating option was a plus, and the service was great. The owner, Pat, was a pleasure to chat with, and one of the workers stopped by the table to see if I wanted to take a look at the pit. Come on, what’s my name?

Jason kicks us off: “I enjoy Ruby's because it's open late and they have good brisket. I've been telling the group to come to this place as it is very Austin like and I like it. The first time I had their brisket, I became a fan. Tonight's was moist and tasty. Very good in my opinion. Chicken was very good; very tasty. Pork ribs were ok. Ruby’s is great if you want BBQ late. Open till midnight! Very convenient location, located in the center of Austin.”

Always dependable and quick on his reviews, Greg writes: “Turkey: no flavor…very bland. Chicken: very good. I wasn't expecting much after eating the turkey, but it was a nice surprise. Sides: I like the mashed potatoes. The macaroni and cheese was ok. Desserts: I should have gotten ice cream with the banana bread pudding! Atmosphere: I loved how it looked like the building could fall over at any minute. The picture of Stevie Ray Vaughan on the wall was a nice touch. Overall: The turkey just wasn't good, other than that I really enjoyed the night!”

Drew’s scores – Chicken: 8.6; Turkey: 4; Atmosphere: 7; Service: 9.8; Overall experience: 7

Jason’s scores – Brisket (moist): 8.9; Chicken: 8.5; Pork ribs: 8; Overall experience: 8.3

Katie’s scores – Brisket (lean): 8; Sides: 8; Atmosphere: 8; Overall experience: 8
Greg’s scores – Turkey: 5; Chicken: 9.2; Sides: 8.5; Desserts: 8.5; Atmosphere: 9.3; Overall experience: 8.2

Amir’s scores – Brisket (moist): 8.75; Pork Ribs: 7.5; Chicken: 8.75; Overall experience: 8

Sally’s scores – Brisket (moist): 8.9; Macaroni and cheese: 7.5; Potato salad: 8.4; Sauce: 7.8; Atmosphere: 8; Overall experience: 8.5

D.J.’s scores – Turkey: 7.85; Brisket (lean): 8.9; Macaroni and cheese: 8.75; Mashed potatoes: 8.1; Sauce: 7.5; Atmosphere: 9; Overall experience: 8.55

Jake’s scores – Turkey: 3; Brisket: 7.5; Potato salad: 7.4; Baked beans: 7; Atmosphere: 7; Overall experience: 6.8

Overall Man-Up Score: 7.91875

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