Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blog: "Does One Need Teef To Make Good Beef?* A Study of Austin’s Pitmasters"

An interesting blog post from To Serve Man re: the relationship b/w BBQ that's served in Austin proper and the teeth of those who serve it (Hat tip to my buddy Frank Mancuso.):

"What we found was a curious relationship between mouth bling and good BBQ: the more bling on the teef, the less amazing the beef. It’s tempting to believe the inverse is true—we tend to associate extreme subculture aesthetics with extreme magical wizard capabilities, such as those required to perfectly smoke, render, and season a brisket. For instance: would you prefer a guy with dreadlocks making your Jamaican ackee and salted fish, or one with a preppy haircut? But there it was anyway, a series of repeated coincidences—as the pitmaster’s sparklemouth decreased, we found the quality of the BBQ increased."

What's your take on this? Have you found this to be true? Or is the opposite true for you? Or is there anything to this at all? Are we simply biased one way or the other, based on the building/service/etc, before we ever take our first bites?

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