Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goodies from Goldthwaite

I picked up a couple of rubs on Saturday while walking around the cook-off in Goldthwaite. One is from Harley's Seasonings (Giddings, TX), and the other is one (of many) from Ritter's BBQ (Point, TX), which also sells BBQ injections and builds custom smokers. Anyone tried a rub from either place? Throw in the Memphis-style dry rub that I was sent this week from Green Diamond Rubs (Seattle, WA) and the 4 kinds of sauces I was sent from The Carriage House (pics to come), and I just might have the makings of another rub-and-sauce party at the house. Stay tuned.

And, oh, I left Goldthwaite with this, too. My friends will be pleased.


Drew Thornley said...

Facebook comment: "Harley's is some good stuff"

Joel said...

Harley Goerlitz is the man! We cooked next to him at a BBQ competition a couple of years back. Great guy and incredible pit master. Lots of good stories. He also owns Harley's Wood off of 183 in North Austin. Great place to pick up a bag of chunks for your next BBQ