Friday, July 22, 2011

First visit to Gonzales Food Market (Gonzales, TX)

Lamb ribs and a chopped-beef sandwich at Gonzales Food Market (Gonzales, TX). If lamb's not your thing, don't order the ribs, b/c they taste like lamb; but if you're a lamb fan, do it. There aren't many places you can get lamb, and they prepare them well. The surprise of the meal was the CB sandwich. I didn't expect much (never do with CB sandwiches), but it was very good. Should've ordered another one, since we split it. Unlike many, many places, GFM brews their iced tea well, so that was a major plus for yours truly. When we walked out close to 2 PM (Saturday), the line was near 40 deep. Looking forward to going back.

Gonzales Food Market — BBQ & Sausage on Urbanspoon

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