Thursday, July 28, 2011

Operation Meat Locker busts Austin BBQ joints.

2 Austin BBQ joints (Sam's and Willie's) have been shut down, after being busted by Austin police for buying meat stolen from HEB grocery stores. Full story here.

*Friday update: The thieves have joined Twitter!!!


Don O. said...

Sad. Sam's was always a great place for some late night Q. Greed and stupidity will get ya every time.

Jacob said...

I recently ate at both those places! I am shocked. Plus I will miss Sam's bbq mutton. And Willies amazing boudin sausage. I won't support stealing, but I will gladly poor some delicious brisket out for my fallen homies. (a joke of course, I would never waste/or steal delicious brisket).

qcardfan said...

Say it isn't so, Sam.