Monday, November 5, 2012

All-Star Sauces: Jan/Feb 2013

On October 27, we (meaning a joint-venture partner & Man Up Texas BBQ) launched All-Star Sauces, a mail-order club for award-/contest-winning BBQ sauces. The program is comprised of 6 vendors each calendar year. Each vendor ships 2 bottles of sauce, at least 1 of which has taken has won an official contest or award. That's 12 bottles per year. Customers can purchase a single shipment (2 bottles), a semi-annual subscription (3 shipments: 6 bottles), or an annual subscription (6 shipments: 12 bottles). Bottles ship in early January, March, May, July, September, & November.

Today, I highlight the 1st vendor for 2013: Grumpy's BBQ Sauce (Thornton, CO). Their list of awards/honors is loooooooooooooong. At last year's 2nd Annual Gettin' Sauced!, Grumpy's Goodnight Loving & Black Label BBQ Sauces won the tomato (mild) & tomato (spicy) categories, respectively. These two categories had the most sauces by far. Quite the coup. These 2 sauces will be included in all of the Grumpy's shipments, which ship out to customers in early January. If you wish to receive the Grumpy's shipment, you must order by 5PM Central on December 15!

Welcome to All-Star Sauces, Grumpy's!

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