Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All-Star Sauces!!!

Saturday was the launch of All-Star Sauces, a mail-order club for award-/contest-winning BBQ sauces. Man Up Texas BBQ, LLC, is half of the joint venture behind the program, which is comprised of 6 vendors per year (For 2013, each vendor is from a different state!). Each vendor has at least 1 BBQ sauce that has taken first place in an official contest or that has won a national award. Take a look at the vendors for 2013, our inaugural year.

The program is simple: 2 sauces are shipped to your door every other month (At least 1 of these sauces is a contest/award winner.). That's 6 shipments per year (12 bottles total). We offer 3 subscription plans (each of which includes shipping & handling): Customers can purchase 1 shipment (2 bottles), 3 shipments (6 bottles), or all 6 shipments (12 bottles). Shipments go out in early Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, & Nov. If you wish to receive the next shipment, order by 5 PM Central on the 15th day of the month before each shipment month. So, if you want to receive the January shipment, order by 5 PM Central on December 15. Wanna know more? See the program's Terms & Conditions.

An All-Star Sauces subscription is a great purchase for yourself, your family, and/or your friends! In addition to being a 1-stop shop for multiple award-winning sauces, the program will provide customers with special offers unavailable to the general public. Stay tuned for such deals/discounts.

In the meantime, check out our website, peruse the FAQ page, and contact us if you have any additional questions or are interested in being an All-Star Sauces vendor.

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