Monday, October 29, 2012

Gettin' Sauced! 2012 People's Choice Contest Top 10

The Gettin' Sauced! People's Choice Contest was comprised of the 33 BBQ sauces that were served by the BBQ/sauce booths at the festival (The Bottled Contest was a contest of 143 sauces sent to us for the blind judging that took place inside the brewery. Totally separate contest.). Attendees submitted People's Choice scorecards, which directed them to rank their top 5. All 33 sauces received votes. Here are the Top 10 (with a picture of the winning sauce):

1. Stellar Gourmet Spicy Mesquite (Austin, TX) 
2. Texas Smokehouse Apple (Houston, TX) 
3. Stellar Gourmet Original Mesquite (Austin, TX) 
4. Woodpile BBQ Homemade (Austin, TX) 
5. Louie Mueller Sweet Jalapeno (Taylor, TX) 
6 (tie). Kickers BBQ Original (Houston, TX) & Curly's Perfect Pig Carolina Mustard (Round Rock, TX) 
8. Black's Barbecue Habanero (Lockhart, TX) 
9. Cowboy Joe's Pit & Grilling Spicy (Austin, TX) 
10. Black's Barbecue Smokey (Lockhart, TX)


Matt said...

Awesome event guys! We will be there again next year

Drew Thornley said...

Thank you, Matt!!!!!!!

Don said...

Great event!! Had a great time.

Drew Thornley said...

I'm so glad to hear that, Don! Thank you for spending part of your day with us!