Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Aaron Franklin one of "The Coolest People in Food for 2013"

The Daily Meal recently named "The Coolest People in Food for 2013." Lo and behold, an Austin BBQ pitmaster made the list. Here is the copy from the story:

Aaron Franklin, Pitmaster
The Texas barbecue tradition is full of ancient pitmasters with pits even older than they are. Franklin meets them on their own turf. His Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, which grew out of a food truck, makes 'cue so good that you've got to line up early in the morning to have even a chance at sampling it. Franklin could build bigger pits, quadruple his seating, and hire 20 more assistants and probably make a fortune. He's more interested in making barbecue, at his own pace, and he sure hopes you like it. His pit is smoking; he's cool. 

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