Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lunch at Kendall's B-B-Q (Georgiana, AL)

I don't get many chances to stop at one of my favorite BBQ joints, but when I do, I always pop in for a pork sandwich and iced tea. The pork sandwich at Kendall's B-B-Q in Georgiana, AL, is easily one of my favorites in the state. The pork is supple, and they put a perfect amount of sauce to complement pork and seep into the soft bun. I could, however, go for more than one pickle, so I'll ask for more next time. The iced tea is brewed strong and dark, just like I like it. Next to an interstate gas station. Shack with window-only service. Picnic tables on the deck. Other than that it's cash only, this place is a home run for me. Pics from my stop last week:

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