Sunday, June 2, 2013

Help us plan our next public Texas Q Tours trip!

Our June 8 Texas Q Tours trip is SOLD OUT! But, fear not, we are already ready to talk ideas for our next public trip. So, we ask for your input. We're booked up for July, so we are thinking a Saturday in August. Any Saturday that works for you? Also, name some places you'd like to go. BBQ joints, creaft breweries, wineries, non-food/drink spots, whatever. Where do you want to go? We value your input and preferences and do our best to put together trips that are fun and offer great value. Help us do that by leaving a comment below this post and/or emailing us! Weigh in on (1) Saturdays in August & (2) possible destinations.


Unknown said...

Pick a Saturday that Sisterdale Smokehouse is open, and let's go there again. Love that place!

bourgon said...

I'd love to see another DFW->Austin/Lockhart trip, personally. Just hit Pecan Lodge, would love to see the other top 3.