Sunday, January 5, 2014

Reader Review: Blanco BBQ (San Antonio, TX)

Two days ago, I posted an email and pictures from reader Joe Wagner's stop at Old 33 BBQ in Blanco. Here is his writeup writeup of another stop: Blanco BBQ in San Antonio.

"I also visited the new Blanco BBQ on Blanco in San Antonio.  See picture for my meal.

Had the brisket and sausage (they make their own sausage), beans and slaw.  I stick to what I like.  

Beautiful facility and very down home atmosphere.  Food was delicious.  Another great find on my travels in the great state of Texas.

BTW, I stopped by Choke Canyon BBQ up the street north on Blanco, but they’re not open yet.  (see picture)  Hopefully soon." 

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