Thursday, January 9, 2014

How do you judge brisket?

Taste is subjective. We know that. What I like, you may not, and vice versa. The things I value in food, you may not value. The mental (and, for some of you, actual) checklist that you keep when eating is likely not the same as mine. This is how it should be, of course; because when it comes to food, one size definitely does not fit all. But I want to know what fits you, when it comes to brisket. I hear/read people say/write that they really like a certain BBQ joint's brisket, that they think another joint's brisket is terrible. And on and on. But what does that really mean? What makes brisket great for you? What do you value? Texture? Moisture? Aroma? And for any of these, what's your preference, on the range of possibilities? And what about taste? Do you like it salty? Smoky? Buttery? If you told me a certain slice of brisket is terrible/average/good/great/etc., why would you say that? What went into your decision-making? In short, how do you rate brisket?


Drew Thornley said...

Reply to me via Twitter: "color, texture, taste!"

Andrew Tatton said...
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Andrew Tatton said...

Color is important - it needs to look cooked, and smoke ring is nice. Mahogany is preferable to me over black.
Texture is important; the flat should be tender and moist, and the point should be tender and buttery.
Taste should be beefy; hints of salt and pepper are good, but neither should be overpowering.