Thursday, January 22, 2015

First visit to Specht's Store (San Antonio, TX)

This past Sunday, I made my way to Specht's Store (about 9 miles north of Loop 1604 off Blanco Road in San Antonio). I had a feeling that it might be closed, but I went anyway. Guess I could have, you know, checked online beforehand, but I didn't. It was a beautiful day, and I wasn't far away, so it would be worth the drive regardless. Well, it was indeed closed. But I snapped a few pictures of the outside (front & side). I look forward to going back when I am certain it is open.


Joe Wagner said...

Thanks Drew! Hey how about combining with B&D Icehouse and Blanco BBQ for a San Antonio BBQ Roadtrip?

Srinadh said...

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