Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reader Review: McBee’s Bar-B-Que & Country Cooking (Pleasanton, Texas)

Reviewed by: James K. Merriman (Mesquite, Texas)

Let me start out with I am the self proclaimed BBQ king. I have 45 years experience cooking on and with everything you can imagine and then some. I and my 86 year old stepmother went to try the BBQ at McBee’s in Pleasanton, Texas. Upon seeing the outside it looks and is very charming and warm. The smokers are outside in a court yard and you can view what is going on at all times. The inside is pretty much like all BBQ places except in south Texas they try to put southern hospitality in all they do. We each ordered the three meat combo, yea my little stepmother weighs 92lbs and can eat with the best of them. The sausage was dry, tasty but to dry. The brisket was good, good smoke ring, tender and good flavor. The ribs were very good well prepared, tender with good rib flavor. The sauce was just a little thin but flavorful. All in all I give it a B+. They don't serve beer and that is a negative, but livable, try it.


Bo Joseph said...

I think this is a great new feature, and a cool way to get new voices and some reviews on places we might not be able to visit.

RP said...

RP says: Thumbs up!

Frisco said...

based on that review, i say we make it a point to pay Pleasanton a visit at some point in 2010. Good smokey brisket in a cozy little joint is definitely worth going out of the way for.