Friday, October 9, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009: Randy White's Hall of Fame Barbeque

Emailed reviews, scores, and pics of RP & Company's visit to Randy White's Hall of Fame Barbeque in Frisco:

Russell: “Randy White (aka the ‘Manster’) may have been the best “urban setting” (i.e. it’s in a shopping center) BBQ I’ve ever had. It’s pit smoked in back, and this BBQ joint is decorated and outfitted the way I’d do it if I had the means. They even had warm, moist towels for your hands and a complimentary desert bar. The Manster’s BBQ joint is something to get excited about when you’re up needing to man up in far north DFW! Pork ribs: Better ribs than Baker’s Ribs in Dallas. Randy’s weren’t quite falling off the bone, but were tasty and tender nonetheless. This is likely the item of focus here at Randy White’s. Brisket: Good smoky flavor, but very lean and a bit dry. I needed quite a bit of their excellent sweet and spicy sauce. Turkey: Very moist and flavorful turkey bird. Sides: The selection is what’s really impressive, from traditional slaw and tater salad, to cheese mashed potatoes, to green beans, baked rancher beans and a great condiments and bread bar…and it was all pretty tasty. Sweet tea: loved their sweet tea. Hospitality/Decor: They had a friendly staff, and any Cowboy’s fan (whether Dallas Cowboys or true western cowboys), is going to love all the photos, signed Cowboy’s memorabilia, John Wayne pics, saddles and wagon wheels that adorn this place. The well-placed TV’s are tuned to sports and there is a game room and patio….so this would be a cool place for a Monday night football party. Randy White does it right.”

Joel: “I am proud to have such a great wife who is willing to man up with the fellas and even appreciates--even rates--the BBQ experience. I would agree with my better half Megan in saying that Randy White's is an outstanding establishment, and I'm pleased that we could show my bro-in-law Russell a good time and an enjoyable BBQ experience. One of the most fulfilling aspects of a BBQ fanatic's BBQ trails is introducing a fellow BBQ fanatic to a top quality BBQ establishment, and that is what I feel we were able to do at Randy White's, if I were to judge by the number of pictures Russell took at this very excellently arranged BBQ gathering place. Russell usually doesn't take so many pictures, which leads me to believe he was truly inspired by the BBQ he enjoyed, the Dallas Cowboys decor, and all the way down to the warm wash cloths provided for cleaning the BBQ sauce out of the finger nails and off the sides of the mouth. So while I do agree with the mandatory 24 hour waiting period prior to making ratings, I should add that immediate impressions during the experience should count for something--and on that front I do believe Russell was quite impressed and enthusiastic about what he was experiencing for the first time (and I suspect not the last). Megan and I usually split the sampler platter, which allows you a full pound of meat, with a potential for four meat selections. That usually gets us by in addition to the 3 sides chosen among a wide array of options, the great jalapeno and pickle bar where I load up on said two garnishments, the jalapeno corn bread, and of course the self serve ice cream cones. I usually get a fourth side, because I sneak some absolutely delicious pieces of fried okra into my bowl along with whatever other side I'm getting (they give you bowls to get your sides). My only regret is that my stomach will not hold more food, because I always leave thinking I wish I could've eaten more, or gotten another meat (that even a full grown man just couldn't man up on in the same sitting--you just need a little Sunday afternoon football to help shake that down and free up some room... so sometimes I go ahead and buy some extra brisket for later and it sure is good on a Sunday afternoon with some of that Rudy's sauce I have in my fridge). So little room for so much good food. Somehow when I'm full I still can fit in not one but two self serve ice cream cones.”

Megan: “Brisket: LEAN & tender. That's right bro, I like the skinny cows! :) Broccoli-cheese salad: Very yummy & original! Baked beans: Tasty, Tasty!! Peach cobbler: Not worth the calories.”

Russell’s scores – Brisket: 9.49; Pork ribs: 9.82; Turkey: 9.54; Sides: 9.67; Sweet tea: 9.75; Atmosphere & Service: 9.88; Overall experience: 9.84

Megan’s scores – Brisket: 9.99; Broccoli-cheese salad: 9.8; Baked beans: 9.8; Overall experience: 9.8

Joel’s score – Overall experience: 10

James’ score – Overall experience: 9.84

Overall Man-Up Score: 9.87

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Jack said...

That is ridiculous. Although Randy is a stand up individual, the thieves, that call themselves christians are rotten to the core. You mentioned the sides and cobbler? They are all out of a can or frozen box... Don't think they are thieves? Check for yourself, either with the IRS, or the Texas Workforce Commission. From my conversations with TWC, they have lost many cases in which they fired people the day before pay day, and didnt pay them, or gave the sob story thay they didn't have any money, stretched them along as long as possible without paying, and then fired them and didn't pay.. Tracy and his father are the main perps. Do some research and find out for yourselves. Failed locations in Addison, Greenville, and Mckinney.

Drew Thornley said...

Rejoinder, RP and/or Joel???

Jack said...

None of the above. There are too many to list. However; I can be reached @ That goes for anyone else that would like to more info on this establishment.