Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Readers' Choice Award: Best Beef Ribs of 2011

Winner: Louie Mueller Barbecue (Taylor, TX) - 30.3% of the vote 

Others receiving votes (I'm pretty sure some of these don't serve beef ribs. And I double checked menus online - several don't show beef ribs on their menu. Maybe they have them from time to time. Someone enlighten me. I'm thinking people just assumed their favorite places had beef ribs. Regardless, LMB would've won. Only difference is their % of the vote would've been higher.): Artz (Austin), Black's (Lockhart), Cooper's (Llano, FW, NB), Iron Works (Austin), JMueller (Austin), Lockhart Smokehouse (Dallas), Milt's (Kyle), Opie's (Spicewood), Salt Lick (Driftwood), Vic's (Austin)


Jacob said...

Not sure about Milt's, never been.

Every other place mentioned has beef ribs.... although I question the votes for Opies considering their beef ribs are very new.

Locakhart Smokehouse they are special item only offered some days, and I have not had them. The other 9, all have beef ribs and I have tried all of them. Louie Mueller is tops, although JMuellerBBQ is just as good.

Drew Thornley said...

JMueller BBQ is new, too.