Thursday, February 2, 2012

Readers' Choice Award: Best Sausage of 2011

Winner: Kreuz Market (Lockhart, TX) - 14.86% of the vote 

Others receiving votes: Artz (Austin), Black's (Lockhart), City Market (Luling), Franklin (Austin), Hard 8 (Brady), JMueller (Austin), Louie Mueller (Taylor), Meyer's (Elgin), Milt's (Kyle), Opie's (Spicewood), Prause (LaGrange), Rudy's (Austin), Smitty's (Lockhart), Snow's (Lexington), Southside Market (Elgin), Vincek's (East Bernard)


Eric said...

I am completely fine with Kreuz winning, as their sausage is delicious. Still, that's a really low total. Is it possible for you to share the other percentages, or at least a top 5 to see how close it was?

Drew Thornley said...

2. City Market (Luling) - 13.51%

3 (tie). Opie's (Spicewood) & Milt's (Kyle) - 10.81%

5. Black's (Lockhart) - 8.11%

Don said...

How many of these places make their own sausage?