Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Readers' Choice Award: Best Brisket of 2011

Winner: Franklin Barbecue (Austin, TX) - 40.9% of the vote 

Others receiving votes: Black's (Lockhart), City Market (Luling), Hays Co. (San Marcos), JMueller (Austin), Kreuz (Lockhart), Live Oak (Austin), Louie Mueller (Taylor), Milt's (Kyle), Opie's (Spicewood), Salt Lick (Driftwood), Smitty's (Lockhart), Smolik's (Cuero)


Allison said...

Of course!

Hog Wild said...

If y'all say so!!

bobrq13 said...

Was recently on my own little BBQ tour and was at 11 places, Franklin had awesome brisket but I would have to say that Jmueller was much better and Snow's right behind him. Bobrq

Jared said...

^ you're right, JMueller is on par with Franklin. But I've only been to John's place once, so Franklin's got my vote.

Snow's is inconsistent. The one time I went a couple months ago, it was sub-par for the hype. Luckily the trip was saved by the pork steak and meeting my best friend from College Station out there.