Wednesday, March 7, 2012

From NBC's TODAY Food: "Don't mess with Texas (BBQ): Trek for the best in the Lone Star State"

Food writer Molly Lundquist-Baz names her 5 Texas BBQ joint not to be missed. Thoughts?


Eric said...

I don't know anything about Live Oak, so it's hard to comment with certainty. Snow's belongs on that list in my opinion, but if you went to at least the other 4 places listed you'd eat a lot of good barbecue. Speaks well of her that she acknowledged Salt Lick without including it on her list.

Drew Thornley said...

Does anyone know how old this girl is?

Joe Wagner said...

Live Oak is definitely very good. Great atmosphere, brisket is delicious, well smoked and tender.

Agree about Snows but also would add a relative newcomer to the list in Dallas - Lockhart Smokehouse. Didn't mention Luling's City Market which is up there too.

Drew Thornley said...

Joe, the brisket you describe should've been the one pictured in the article!

FoodLion said...

For a national perspective, I would not include a place that only opens a couple hours a week, so ommission of Snow's is no problem.

I was amused by her notion that the sauce really matters.

Finally, she may be too young to drink beer, but the poor girl needed to have at least a Dr Pepper with her in the picture, not water.