Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tuesday's lunch at Baby Back Shak (Dallas, TX)

On Tuesday, had my first meal at Baby Back Shak (Dallas, TX): smoked, sliced pork sandwich & green beans. I wanted to go half and half with the meats for the sandwich (since the sandwiches are the same price), but they wouldn't do it. I can't review the food, since BBS is an affiliate of The Q Card, but I can say that both items were quite possibly the hottest (temperature wise) I've had at a BBQ joint. The only reason I won't get the pork sandwich next time is b/c I want to try another meat - and you can only get 1 meat per sandwich (See above.). I will, however, order the GBs again.


Jacob said...

I hope "to hot" does not equate to "microwaved". Sadly it sometimes does.

Don O. said...

Try their Shak Beans. One of my favorite BBQ joint sides. Sort of BBQ'd beans with bits of brisket and bacon. Mighty fine!