Sunday, July 29, 2012

Backyard BBQ: Boston Butt

Our 21st Backyard BBQ submission was sent from a faithful blog follower and Twitter friend, Marshall Owens (@WestTX_BBQ). In his own words: "My brother-in-law, James (@cutbyjameskoch), and myself smoked our first Boston Butt. We used a New Braunfels Banderra style smoker with mesquite wood. We are also tech nerds and used the iGrill. The iGrill is a bluetooth thermometer that sent to our iPad the internal temp of our pork and the temp of our smoker. Like I said we smoked a boston butt, but we spiced it mexican style. Once off the smoker we pulled it and stuffed some grilled avocados with it. Turned out to be the best thing we have smoked yet, and we think the iGrill helped us out." Well done, Marshall!

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