Friday, July 20, 2012

Lunch at Greenbrier Bar-B-Que (Huntsville, AL)

I didn't plan to land a couple of weeks ago at the Huntsville (AL) airport, but it gave me a chance to hit up a place I haven't been in years: Greenbrier Bar-B-Que. By the time I got there, it was pushing 2PM, so the lunch crowd was gone. They were out of a couple of menu items. I got a pork sandwich; half chicken with white sauce for dad. Maybe it was b/c it was an odd hour, but it was nowhere as good as I remember it. Bun wasn't soft. Pork and chicken were too dry (I'm sure they'd been sitting out for a while.). Oh, well. And maybe I would've liked it more if I still ate fried food, so that, as in the old days, I could douse white sauce on the hushpuppies they bring out when you sit down. Let this serve as evidence that I don't just go give my imprimatur to a place/meal just b/c it's in Alabama!

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