Monday, April 1, 2013

Best BBQ thus far in 2013?

Our annual Readers' Choice Awards aren't published until February, but I am curious which BBQ joints are in the early lead for the best of 2013. A handful of BBQ joints opened in late 2012/early 2013, as the Texas BBQ scene continues to grow. The contenders are, and will continue to be, more numerous. Will the 2013 awards look a lot like the 2012 list? Or will we see some new names? Will any new joints crack the list? Will some more senior places not on a previous list break through for the first time? Will Dallas and/or Houston finally land a place on the list, or will Central Texas sweep yet again? Tell us. What do you like in 2013? Feel free to comment on as many categories as you like!


Drew Thornley said...

Facebook reply: "Stiles Switch - far and away the best there is!"

Joe Wagner said...

Like Rider's BBQ in Jarrell. Awesome food.