Friday, April 26, 2013

More updates on our West benefit

A few updates on this Sunday's West benefit at la Barbecue:

1. Honest Tea is donating bottled teas and lemonades.
2. Teas of Texas is donating bottled teas and waters.
3. A local wine importer is donating cases of malbec & chardonnay.
4. Saint Arnold Brewing Company is donating beer & root beer.
5. Gloria Corral will be at the event selling copies of her book "BBQ Lovers Guide to Austin." She will donate 100% of the proceeds!
6. Austin Eats Food Tours is donating 10 passes for a free food tour. (Their tours generally range from $65-75 per tour.) We will have a table set up to raffle off the passes. All of the proceeds will be donated!
7. We will sell The Q Card at the event, & 100% of our sales will be donated!
8. Stephen Joseph, owner of Joseph's Riverport Barbecue (Jefferson, TX), is donating 100 koozies & a case a rib rub for the event!
9. Junior's Beer and Wine is donating 3 kegs of beer!
10. Shannon Lee Nelson will be the live-music entertainment!

Our sincerest thanks to all of the above. We are truly grateful for your donations.


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Full and Content said...

Thank you so much for organizing this. Hopefully it will raise a lot of money for West. Is this a complete list of the donors (and is the wine importer anonymous)? I'm planning to do a follow-up blog post and would like to mention and thank all the people/businesses who contributed.