Monday, April 22, 2013

Great food, bad service. Or vice versa.

I presume that the ideal for most of us is a Texas BBQ joint with great food and great service. If you're like I am, great food with terrible service just isn't the same as great food accompanied by great service. Maybe some of you don't care about great service, so long as the food tastes great. Or maybe you look more kindly upon a place whose food was bad but whose service was excellent. The owners/staff were so friendly and hospitable that you don't bad-mouth the food to others as much as you would had the service been sub-par. At any rate, I am curious to read where in Texas you find the greatest dichotomy between quality of food and quality of service. Either great food, terrible service, or terrible food, great service. Feel free to name a joint for each of these situations.

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Drew Thornley said...

Twitter reply: "Ideal is great food and great service, as you say. But great food trumps bad service every time."