Friday, October 11, 2013

Dallas & Houston Gameday Giveaways: Week 6

Until 11 AM Central tomorrow, you can submit your pick for the Texas-Oklahoma game (Winner snags some la Barbecue.), and starting now, you can enter for 2 more chances to win some fee BBQ: 2 links of Lockhart Smokehouse sausage for the winner of the Dallas Cowboys prediction, & a slab of Pizzitola's pork ribs for the Houston winner. Here are tomorrow's giveaway games: 

St. Louis at Houston (noon Central)
Washington at Dallas (7:30 PM Central)

To be eligible to win either of these giveaways, submit the following: (1) winner, (2) final score, & (2) total combined yards [in case we need a tiebreaker]. You can submit your prediction(s) as a comment below this post, as a Facebook comment, via Twitter, or via email. All predictions must be received by kickoff of the respective game. Good luck!


Sarah said...

Texans 28 - 13. 655 yards.

Unknown said...

Washington 21 Dallas 14 700 yards

Houston 31 St Louis 20 785 yards

Capt. Bryan said...

Texans 24 Rams 14

Total Yards 625