Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What's the best BBQ joint in El Paso?

By population, El Paso is the 6th biggest city in Texas. I've already polled readers re: the best BBQ in the 5 cities bigger than El Paso, and I want to poll readers about the 25 biggest cities, so EP is up. I never hear about BBQ in El Paso. I have several friends from El Paso, and they've never mentioned a place they like. Are they just not in the know? Surely there's a spot worth trying in EP, right? What's the best BBQ joint in El Paso?


Drew Thornley said...

Reply to me via Twitter: "no doubt it is the @StateLineBBQ"

Drew Thornley said...

Reply to me via Twitter: "locally owned places: Smitty's BBQ, RibHut, State line BBQ."

Unknown said...

State line is good but exact same as county line in Austin. Favorite local place is RibHut. Best ribs and chop burritos in town.


bourgon said...

Only 3 Incan even think of that serve BBQ are Cattleman's, Great American Land And Cattle, and State Line. Growing up I loved State Line, and supposedly better than the County Lines, but I suspect it's good for the area, not as Great BBQ.

Unknown said...

Short answer: The State Line with a close second being Rib Hut

Long Answer:
Let me preface this response by saying that I'm not a bbq connoisseur, nor do I consider myself to be particularly critical of the food I eat (I am still in college, just to give you an idea of how apathetic towards what I eat). Also, if you know anything about El Paso, you know there is a west side and east side. I grew up on the west side and rarely ventured east, save for some baseball games and mowing my uncle's lawn. That being said, I may not have the east side bbq knowledge that an east sider may bring to the table. But speaking from my extensive experience on the west side, I think many people would consider The State Line to be the best bbq in El Paso. Yes, this is part of The County Line franchise, which I understand may take away from its ability to be unique. However, I have been there many times and thoroughly enjoy what they have to offer. Let's be clear, though, the ribs do not compare to Louie Mueller's (I will eat those all day, everyday). Additionally, The State Line doesn't just bring solid bbq to the table - they have free concerts on their outdoor patio on Wednesdays during the summer and have a liquor store connected to the building. However, a joint I believe is up there as well is the Rib Hut. They're in a great location and offer some killer deals throughout the week. Also, the atmosphere there is great, which will provide the "unique factor" that some of you may be looking for. It's a bit smaller place with some El Paso memorabilia, including a rare picture of the 1999 Little League El Paso Seahawks football squad (get excited). The bbq (and menu in general) there is also solid. I would like to highlight their Ester's baked potato - it's phenomenal. I hope this has been somewhat helpful for the next time you venture to the beautiful, dry, mountainous, diverse, beehive of activity city of El Paso.