Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tomorrow's Dallas & Houston Gameday Giveaways!

Still time to get me your pick for today's TCU-Oklahoma game (Winner snags some la Barbecue.), and now you can enter for 2 more chances to win some fee BBQ: 2 links of Lockhart Smokehouse sausage for the winner of the Dallas Cowboys prediction, & a slab of Pizzitola's pork ribs for the Houston winner. Here are tomorrow's giveaway games: 

Dallas plays at Denver on Sunday at 3:25 PM (Central)
Houston at San Francisco at 7:30 PM (Central)

To be eligible to win either of these giveaways, submit the following: (1) winner, (2) final score, & (2) total combined yards [in case we need a tiebreaker]. You can submit your prediction(s) as a comment below this post, as a Facebook comment, via Twitter, or via email. All predictions must be received by kickoff of the respective game. Good luck!


Kaxe Smit said...

OU 29 TCU 19 657 yds
Dal 30 Dnv 28 758 yds
SFR 24 Hou 17 770 yds

KaxeSmit says

Leslye Norton said...

Denver 38 Dallas 17 740 yards
Houston 27 San Fran 20 780 yards

Drew Thornley said...

Leslye: You're our Dallas winner!

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