Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Brisket deals at Austin grocers

With beef prices at all-time highs, good deals on whole briskets are are sights for sore pockets. My coworker John told me about some killer deals right now here in Austin. Y'all can weigh in on what prices are at other locations, but John found the following deals for whole, untrimmed briskets at the HEB location and Randall's location at 183/Braker:

HEB - $1.97/pound (limit 2)
Randall's $2.47/pound (no limit)

John also found a fantastic deal on St. Louis pork ribs at HEB: $5-6/rack. Please leave comments about prices near you!


John said...

The St. Louis ribs at HEB Braker/183 are $1.97/lb. I checked at HEB when I was there this morning;2.5-3.5 lbs per rack. They had plenty of ribs and several briskets left.

John said...

Mueller HEB has the same deal on briskets. Limit 2.