Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Readers' Choice Awards!

Happy New Year! Once again, it's time to cast your votes for our 2015 Readers' Choice Awards. Among all Texas BBQ joints, we want to know your pick (no ties) for the Best Brisket of 2015 and the Best Overall Texas BBQ Joint of 2015. To vote, email us. You can also vote via Facebook. You can vote just once for each category. Voting lasts today through January 31, so vote anytime this month!

Best Brisket: _____________________

Best Overall Texas BBQ Joint: ____________________


Joe Wagner said...

Mickelthwait, best brisket

Terry Black's best joint.

Anonymous said...

Hays County, is the best Brisket.

Best BBq Joint Joint is Louie Mueller in Taylor.

Unknown said...

Franklin=Best Brisket
Freedmen's=Best BBQ Joint