Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008: City Market (Luling, Texas)

Our trek to City Market in Luling was great, for several reasons. First, everyone loved the food. Secondly, Erica and Rich were in town and got to make the trip with us, and they brought their A game. Hopefully, it won’t be their last outing with us. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, it made a Man-Up believer out of Brad, who previously, for reasons unknown, was not a man. Gone forever are the gentle mockings of my latest amazing idea to traverse his great state to survey its finest barbecue. Welcome to the fold, Brad. We’re glad you’re here.

After an almost-hour drive (half of which was amidst the craziness that is I-35 South and half of which was scenic), we pulled up to a packed house at City market, Luling’s main attraction (and also a Texas Monthly Top 5). After making our way through a long line that only got longer behind us, we stepped into the BBQ pit and loaded up on brisket, ribs, and sausage.

I did not like the sausage at all, but I was in the minority. Everyone else gave it rave reviews, including a perfect 10 from Erica. But maybe I experienced a temporary lapse in judgment, as did several on our first visit to Opie’s.

The highest average score for meats was an 8.76 for the brisket. Sausage garnered an 8.64 (excluding my score, sausage snagged a 9.3). Ribs took home an 8.42. Brad, btw, was the toughest scorer among us.

Everyone loved the sauce. Very similar to Salt Lick’s. 2 perfect 10s and an average score of 9.3.

A few things to know: (1) Cash only. (2) Their tea is made with Nutrasweet and lemon and was, surprisingly, quite good. (3) No plates. Just butcher paper. (4) You can buy their sauce. Rich took home a half gallon for what has to be the best use ever of $5.50.

Russell, always to be counted on, has some comments: “awesome brisket, sauce, beans and sausage…and friendly folks….sauce was on the level of Salt Lick….9.35 on the RGP scale of manly excellence (taking into account the classic TX BBQ atmosphere, sweet tangy sauce, and excellent sausage and beans, all made with a very obvious labor of love…the quaint if not crowded atmosphere and relatively skinny ribs kept this place from receiving a perfect 10, but it was real close).”

Russell’s rankings – Brisket: 9.5; Sausage: 9.5; Ribs: 8.8; Sauce: 9.5; Overall: 9.35

Erica’s rankings – Brisket: 8.5; Sausage: 10; Ribs: 8.5; Sauce: 10; Overall: 10

Rich’s rankings – Brisket: 8; Sausage: 9; Ribs: 8; Sauce: 9; Overall: 9

Brad’s rankings – Brisket: 8; Sausage: 8.5; Ribs: 8; Sauce: 8; Overall: 9.5

Drew’s rankings – Brisket: 9.8; Sausage: 6; Ribs: 8.8; Sauce: 10; Overall: 9.6

Overall Man-Up Ranking: 9.49

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Connie in Wimberley. said...

My cousin has taken me all over Central Texas to eat; we did 4 in 1day in Lockhart. Llano, Salt Lick,all...all... we think in the last 3 weeks we've been to 18.

Guys and gals listen up: "Luling City Market is HEAD AND SHOULDERS above ALL the rest".

'Nuf Said.