Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008: Opie's Barbecue (Spicewood, Texas)

Dad visited this weekend, and after hearing how much my sister, brother, and sister-in-law enjoyed Opie's and after all the times I've raved about it, he wanted some Opie's. Russell, always Man-Up dependable, joined. Thus was born Man Up's visit #3 to Opie's.

For me, this trip to Opie's was like all previous ones: fantastic (save for the fact that when I took out my camera to capture the spread before us, I found out my batteries were dead; Russell's cell phone saved the day; pictures are not great, but were it not for the phone, we'd have no pics at all). It remains my favorite BBQ joint. Dad, too, was not disappointed. But the real success of this trip was that it made Russell a believer in the wholesome goodness that is Opie's.

His thoughts: "After a 48-hr waiting period, as to make the review of Opies visit #3 as scientific and rational as possible, I feel comfortable in saying that Opie's on Saturday grilled up as good (and as plump and juicy) a pork chop as I've eaten to date, ever. I give the pork chop a 9.99, and it is now my undisputed item of choice at Opies. When you couple that big chop with the incredible sides and atmosphere, Opie's becomes real hard to beat, especially since it's only a beautiful 30 min drive from the ATX. The good people of Opie's even offered to show any college football game we cared to watch on their large, well-placed flat screens! I still can't really recommend the brisket or sausage, but in my humble opinion, it is time to man up and give visit #3 to Opies a real solid overall 9.90."

Drew's rankings - Pork ribs: 9.8; Chicken: 9.5; Spicy corn: 9.5; Tater tot casserole: 9.6; Service: 9.9; Overall: 10

Brent's rankings - Pork ribs: 9.75; Chicken: 9.74; Sausage: 8; Spicy corn: 9.7; Tater tot casserole: 9.7; Service: 9.9; Overall: 9.7

Russell's rankings - Pork chop: 9.99; Overall: 9.9

Overall Man-Up Ranking: 9.87

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