Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back to Snow's...

Not long after we took a Man-Up record 18 folks to Snow's BBQ in Lexington, Todd got some of the crew together for another visit. Todd writes: "In BBQ it pays to know the inside scoop, like when you are running late to Snow's on a Saturday morning, you should call them to save you some meat! During our last trip to Snow's we did just that! When we arrived, they were all out of meat except some sausage and a little Pork Loin. Thankfully Amir had placed a call to
the owner, Kerry, who saved us a sampling of everything! Here's my scores for our smörgåsbord of bbq: Brisket: 9.98; Pork Ribs: 9.4; Pork Loin: 9.76; Chicken: 9.75; Service: 10; Overall: 9.83"

Rex says: "Snow's will never let me down except for the tea running out. The person in front of me got the last of the tea. But what made up for that was the fact that their customer service is top notch. We were able to call ahead and ask for them if they could save us some brisket since we were running a little behind. They were more than happy to save us some brisket. I will bet that because of Man Up they agreed to save us the brisket, but it is still worthy to mention that kind of service. Bam! Here are my scores: Brisket: 9.8 (Right now the brisket is one of my top runners); Chicken: 9.5 (Love the bird); Sausage: 5 (The sausage for some reason had no flavor and I will bet that it was an off day for the sausage...not characteristic); Pork Ribs: 9.6 (The ribs were better this time); Service: 10 (Hands down one of the best BBQ joints). Snow's is the place to go if you want some of the best brisket in Texas! Make sure you get there early because you will be disappointed if you drive out to Lexington on a day that they run out of brisket. Get there no later than 10:30 AM! Yes, this is what we call a "True Texas Brunch"!!! Till next time!"

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