Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bowie Street BBQ (Whole Foods, Gateway, Austin, Texas)

Jason recently made a visit to Bowie Street BBQ at Whole Foods (Gateway) in Austin. He enjoyed it so much that he returned the next day with Todd. Recaps below:

Visit #1

Jason’s email: “Pulled pork sandwich w/ chips and tea 4.99 lunch special. I’ve always heard about the BBQ at Whole Foods and I thought I’d give it a shot today. People tell me it’s good and yea…it’s legit! To my surprise as I ordered they have a lunch special for 4.99 you get a sandwich chips and iced tea! How awesome is that?? Today I had the pulled pork sandwich; got the works which includes pickles, onions and BBQ sauce; I guess you can get jalapenos and pico de gallo; I didn’t get the last two; but wish I did…Anyways I was quite impressed with the sandwich; pork was awesome; tender and meaty! They don’t skimp on putting it in the sandwich! For $4.99 I’d eat here a lot if I had known early. I’d like to try the chop beef/ sausage and chicken as the other options. Pulled pork sandwich – 9.5; Iced tea – 9.6 (minty); Chips – 9.4; Value – 10.”

Visit #2

Jason writes: “You know it!!! I had BBQ for lunch again w/ Todd today at Whole Foods (Arboretum). The deal is too good! Today I tried the brisket sandwich which cost 1 dollar more. So for 5.99 monster Beef Brisket, ice tea and chips! Brisket was looking sick nasty awesome today; just piping hot w/ steam and juice. I saw him cut the brisket as I was the first to order from him of the day. Juice was just coming off the brisket like a sponge; it was amazing…He piled a monster size easily half pound of meat on my sandwich; and of course I had the works. Brisket – 9.6 rivals a lot of good places we go to boys… and girls…The pulled pork looked ridiculous as well! Man….Ice tea: 9.6; Chips: 9; Value: 10; Overall experience: 9.7! I have a feeling I’ll be making at least once a week trips to Whole Foods.”

Todd: “Whole Foods, Barbecue, can these two words be in the same sentence? Yes. After my visit to the Whole Foods store in the arboretum today, I can honestly say the BBQ counter in the store can hold its own. I ordered the Pulled Pork sandwich, which came with chips and sweet tea for $5. The pork was incredibly moist and well worth a second trip. Pulled Pork: 9.5; Home-made potato chips: 9; Mint Hibiscus Tea: 8; Value for the money: 10; Service: 10; Overall Experience: 9.4”

Overall Man-Up Score (Visit #2): 9.55

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Bo Joseph said...

The best part of Whole Foods bbq, is that coming from Whole Foods it is automatically healthy!