Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jason knows what was important about Bo's birthday party: the food!!!

(Just kidding, Bo. We all rate you a 10.)

Jason's thoughts on our trip to The Salt Lick for Bo's birthday:

It’s been a while since my last visit to Salt Lick; but I love coming here. The drive is not as bad as you think…good friends and good food! Happy Birthday Bo!

Of course as usual I ordered ‘family style’ what other way is there… I guess you can do plates; I didn’t even eat that much that evening… but you gotta man up! Right? Today was the first time I had the ‘Salt lick Deckle’ Deckle the hall folks but this stuff rules!

Now I know why Russell talks about this stuff; I can’t say I’ve had deckle quite like the salt lick’s. it’s still meaty yet crazy moist and delicious. The beef is marbled a lot!! Yes fatty brisket lovers this is what dreams are made of.. one of the best briskets I’ve had in a long time!

9.8 on the brisket my friends…
9.7 sausage
9.7 ribs – love the ribs here.. they always make it good.
9.8 potato salad – so good!!
9.8 beans/ great beans awesome flavor…
9.2 blackberry cobbler a la mode – wasn’t warm enough but very tasty
9.7 overall

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