Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Gettin' Sauced!" Judges' Panel

Two sets of judging will take place at Gettin' Sauced! One will be the votes of the partygoers. Anyone in attendance will be able to taste and score all of the sauces. Those results will be tallied after the event and announced via the blog a few days later. The second set of judging will consist of a panel of invited judges whose results will be announced toward the end of the event. We're delighted to have such a great lineup of judges and pause today to tell you who they are:

Addie Broyles (Austin, TX): Food writer, Austin-American Statesman; blogger, Relish Austin; follow her on Twitter (and follow Relish Austin on Twitter here)

Bo Joseph (Austin, TX): Man Up Texas BBQ

Chris Reid (Houston, TX): Houston Foodie; follow him on Twitter

Daniel Vaughn (Dallas, TX): Full Custom Gospel BBQ; follow him on Twitter

Elizabeth Anderson (San Antonio, TX): blogger, Musings of The Waspy Redhead; follow her on Twitter

Jason Hicks (Austin, TX): Director of Events, Rare Magazine

Lisa Powell (Austin, TX): Co-contributor, The Republic of Barbecue

*Speaking of Gettin' Sauced!, a special thanks to our friend Jacob Reach for posting the event on Yelp. You can also find announcements on and Facebook.

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Chef B. said...

Thanks, for having me at the "Gettin'Sauced" contest. Please let me know, Drew, Brad,R.P about other future BBQ adventures. In the meantime ya'll can find me at Thanks