Saturday, February 13, 2010

Speaking of Franklin Barbecue...

Twenty-one of us (including several first timers and 5 dogs - the first time dogs have manned up with us) just went there for lunch. (Several are now are their way to lunch #2 at The Salt Lick in Round Rock.) It will be a few weeks before I post the reviews/scores/pics, but in a nutshell: It was a big hit with everyone. Brisket was awesome, as it was on my first visit. The pulled pork was better than the first time (They've switched to a different pork.). I made a couple of pulled-pork sandwiches with sauce and slaw, 'cause that's how we do it in the Dirty South. Had the pork ribs for the first time, and they were pretty solid. Nice cracked-pepper crust. And, after buying some on accident, they served baby backs today. Quite greasy but very flavorful. The rest of the pics from visit #1 coming up in a couple of hours.


Jacob said...

is there some way we can get on an email list for when you go places? I would love to try.
P.S. I just did a four stop trip yesterday. City Meat Market Giddings, New Zion Church BBQ Huntsville, and Burns and Virgies in Houston. Highly recommend City Meat Market and Virgies if you get that way.

Drew Thornley said...

Definitely, Jacob. We'd love to have you join us anytime. I posted on Twitter last nite that we were heading there. I try to do that each time, so check Twitter. Or simply email me, and I will add your email to our list. Thanks for expressing interesting. Looking forward to your joining us.

Also, I'd love to read about your trip. We post "Reader Reviews," so please feel free to email me your reviews/scores/pics from each of your stops, and I'll post 'em.