Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reader Review: Toodie's Bar-B-Que (Hearne, TX)

Reviewed by: Mark Griffin (Kerrville/Bandera-ish, TX)

I hope that this post doesn’t follow the ’law of unintended consequences’ - look what happened with Aaron Franklin! There’s a place that you absolutely have to try - Toodie's BBQ at 205 N. Market in Hearne, TX. Located a short drive north of Bryan on Hwy 6, it's about the only place to eat on the East side of the road. A small, unassuming cinder block building that is only open Thursday through Saturday, the quality of their output is unbelievably good. The staff and owners without exception were very friendly and eager to please.

We ate there twice last week, and tried all the items except the chicken. The chopped BBQ sandwich contains some of the most tender meat I've ever had on a huge bun, and adding a touch of their home-made sauce and some pickles made it perfect. The ribs were well above average, and although I have eaten and cooked better, they are still a good buy. The beans were my favorite side, seasoned and cooked perfectly. They serve some of the best sausage I have ever eaten out, very juicy without being greasy.

Finally, the brisket. I have cooked a lot of brisket, and I've eaten a lot of brisket in a lot of places. How good was James and Gina Taylor's brisket? Aaron might start looking over his shoulder. It honestly is that good.

And no, dummy here didn't take any pictures - I was too hungry and forgot.

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